Join the WELU Dental Community

In 3 steps you can join the community:

  1. Select if you are a Dentist ; Clinic Owner or Prinicipal Dentist ; Patient
  2. If you are a dentist please find the steps you need to follow to get a WELU Community Member:
    • a. If you are a dentist and or a Clinic Owner or Principal Dentist you will be directed to the next steps. Here you will be asked to search for yourself or your clinic in the database.
    • b. If you can find yourself or your clinic please update your profile, add pictures and make it more attractive to get more patient contact.
    • c. If you cannot find yourself in more the largest dental directory please Join the WELU community be signing up.
  3. If you are a Patient please fill out your profile data to benefit from WELU Community, it`s features for you and your price advantages.