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Top UK Oral Microbiology Dentists

Dr. Caroline Pankhurst

Oral Microbiology

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42 The Dental Practice

42 Pembridge Road
London W11 3HN

Dr. Riina Richardson

Oral Microbiology

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Wythenshawe Hospital

Southmoor Road
Manchester M23 9LT

Dr. Stephen Challacombe

Oral Microbiology, Oral Medicine

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Harpenden Dental Centre

171 Luton Road
Harpenden AL5 3BN

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What is Oral Microbiology?

Oral microbiology is the study of microorganisms (also referred to as microbiota) that exist and occur within the oral orifice, their actions and their interactions with other oral microorganismsand host. Similarly to oral medicine, oral microbiology focuses on oral health aspects outside of regular dentistry.

What do Oral Microbiology Experts do?

An oral microbiology expert, often referred to as an oral microbiologist, will examine the conditions within your mouth and see how they are affecting the microorganisms within. The way in which most oral microbiologists investigate oral cavity conditions is by examining a sample given by the patient. From examining the samplefrom the oral cavity they will be able to determine what diseases or ailments you have or are likely to develop if your oral health remains untreated.

Why do I need to see an Oral Microbiology Expert?

The mouth is teeming with an abundance of bacteria and organisms of various sorts. It is always good to have a check-up and examine the condition of your oral health as oral cavities can sometimes be the starting point for numerous diseases and harmful bacterial growths. Microorganisms within the oral cavity contribute massively to two substantialtypes of dental diseases; periodontal pathology (diseases which affect periodontal tissues and structures, such as: periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, gingiva, and cementum) and dental caries (more commonly referred to as a cavity or tooth decay).

To be able to fight back against the oral microorganisms already in your mouth and body the support and assistance of an oral microbiology expert is needed. Use the search function above to find your nearest oral microbiology expert.