Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can is the process of treating an individual’s oral or dental appearance so their teeth and mouth look more aesthetically pleasing to their desires.

The most common forms of cosmetic dentistry are: the whitening of the teeth and the straightening of the teeth. Both can benefit the appearance and in some case functionality of an individuals mouth, teeth and jaw.

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Who can perform Cosmetic Dentistry?

The field of cosmetic dentistry is made up of two more specific areas of dentistry, orthodontics and prosthodontics. An orthodontist is a dental health expert who focuses solely upon the alignment and straightness of an individual’s teeth.

What may Cosmetic Dentistry involve?

As well teeth whitening and the implementation of braces cosmetic dentistry may also involve the addition of a material or substance to the dental structure or gums (such as crowns, gum grafts and bonding). It may also involve removing any teeth or gums from the overall oral structure.

Other examples of cosmetic dentistry

  • A gum lift is a procedure that will raise the gum line and sculpt it to a more desirable shape. Reshaping of the bone or tissue maybe required but the overall result would be a longer and more symmetrical dental structure.
  • Bonding is a process in which a substance, an enamel like substance, is added to the surface to the tooth, or teeth being treated, and hardens and then can be polished. This improves the strength and appearance of the teeth in question.
  • Veneers are extremely thin, personalised porcelain laminates piece that are directly attached, or bonded, to the patients teeth. They provide a better appearance to a discoloured tooth or can help with closing gaps between teeth.
  • Dental bridges, also referred to as pontics, are a type of false teeth which are added between two other porcelain crowns. The crowns adjacent to the bridge hold it in its place. This process is mainly used to replace missing teeth.