Braces are traditionally worn by children and young adults but now more and more people are receiving this type of orthodontic treatment in their adult years. In 2014 alone over 200,000 people received braces.

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Why do I need braces?

This particular orthodontic treatment will allow you to utilise your mouth to its fullest utility. Once you have had braces you should be able to bite and move your jaw correctly, have more comfort when eating and give you an easier job of looking after your teeth and gums. The brace itself will straighten crooked, protruding and crowded teeth as well as closing any and all gaps between teeth.Once your teeth are all perfectly aligned by braces, with the top and bottom teeth fitting together well not only with your oral comfort benefit, so will your smile. The suggested age for a person to have braces is when they are pre-adolescents, around the ages of 12 and 13 the teeth will be in optimum condition for braces to work their magic, however braces can be applied at nearly any age.

How long are braces used for?

The typical brace will be fitted into the mouth and onto the teeth’s structure and remain there slowly adjusting your jaw and teeth for a period between 18 months and 2 years, depending entirely on the individual and their requirements they need treating. Once a brace is fitted you will need to visit an orthodontist on a fairly regular braces to maintain the braces efficiency, between every 4 and 6 weeks.

What are braces like and are they successful?

There is a wide range of braces available to a person depending on their orthodontics requirements. Some braces are removable, whilst some other braces are required to be kept in place all day. There are many different appearances of brace; coloured braces and invisible braces can be given if the patient holds a preference. The materials can vary from metal to plastic or a mixture of the two.

In the majority of cases braces fitted by orthodontists work extremely well. They can improve functionality and comfort of the mouth. Braces can often collect bits of food causing a build up of plague. Taking care of what foods and drinks you have whilst having braces is of vital important, sugary foods, for example, can often be more harmful whilst wearing braces and the build up may cause cavities and infections, which may require you to visit an oral and maxillofacial pathologist.