About Welu

“Linking people when specialists are needed…”

Founded in 2015, WELU.co.uk has the intention to be the largest and most comprehensive website to search and rate dentists all over the UK. Specialising on dentists only our main intention is to provide full transparency about the UK marketplace. We want to encourage both dentists and also patients to contribute proactively to our content in order to analyze and improve performances all over the UK.

WELU The Team Stock

WELU consists of a team of nine energetic people with over 54 years of dental experience in the UK. The team consists of dentists on the one hand and experts of the dental industry on the other hand all rounded up by IT experts. This allows us to understand the needs of the market and to speak on eye to eye level.

The WELU team is lead by inspired and motivated entrepreneurs who set themselves the goal to be best in class in UK’s online dentist world. Passion and drive are the base to provide the most accurate and transparent information platform in the business field.

What is the goal of an independent rating provider?

Allowing patients to praise performances in a constructive and criticl way brings full transparency to the marketplace. Bundling the patients opinion helps other users and new patients to identify generalists and specialists in their area in order to find the best dentist around or the one that suits best for the individual need... Being able to collect ratings for both the dentists as a person on the one hand and also the clinic or practice premises on the other hand, WELU provides crowd rated independent information in order to make you feel secure in choosing the right dentist and service.

Furthermore we provide additional information such as opening hours and contact details to make your choice as convenient as possible.. We strongly focus on your own individual needs in order to come up with the best service. For this reason our core intention is to develop more and more features daily to make your WELU experience as enjoyable as possible.

Why should a dentist be interested in taking part of the community?

It doesn't matter if you are a clinic owner, a prinicpial dentist of one or more organizations or just an associate dentist employed in one of UKs dental companies, WELU offers a unique packge for the individual and specific needs.

Why should an associate be interested in taking part of the community?

Individual dentists are able to know their performance and what their clients and patients think about them. Are you emphatic? Are you trustful? Know how you got rated and get notified when new ratings are provided and get direct feedback from the market.

Compare your performance against others and benchmark yourself in order to understand your position in the trade. Get a transparent view on your skills, be the benchmark in your industry and increase your value on the market by publishing your success.

Get in contact with other participants of your trade and enlarge your network. Follow the market blog, publish own scientific articles and be up 2 date regarding information in your industry.

Why should a whole clinic be interested in taking part in the community?

Be ahead of the competition by providing up 2 date information and being ranked in the top dentist locations in the UK. Update your profiles using pictures and videos, publish your team, your skills and your premises to be one step ahead of your competition in terms of visibility on the internet.

Know the market opinion about your team and understand individual abilities and how the customers perceive them.

Improve your web presence and your ranking on Google using Search engine optimization and get marketing support by our marketing specialists at WELU.

Boost your business by converting online visitors to clients using WELU's customer experience process that guides patients through the whole search process starting from the web search and ending with the rating directly in your practice.

We are so much looking forward to have you on board.

Join our community, be part of the group and help reshaping the way business is made in UK's dental industry.

Get in contact to get more infromation or speak to one of our team members!

We count on you!

Yours sincerly
The WELU Team.

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