• She is stuck-up, stubborn and rude orthodontist

    "My child recieved orthodontic treatment from this woman. She did what she needed to do, and that was fair enough. After my 3rd visit my child accidently snapped his braces wire an..."

    ~ Review by Heybooboodaddi, patient at Cosmetic White Smiles ~

  • A* dentist

    "I am a very nervous patient who usually gets sedated for all treatment. I went in today just to be seen long enough to get a prescription and book in for my sedation appointment fo..."

    ~ Review by Patient, patient at Great Knightleys Dental Clinic ~

  • Only dentist I would ever see

    "Never seen a dentist before this guy and I would never go back, the detail he explains things and obviously does everything to his best ability "

    ~ Review by Please enter a screen name., patient at Mr A.M. Entwistle and Associates ~

  • Really cares

    "I have started seeing this dentist. She is brilliant. Genuinely cares about the patient. Very pleased. "

    ~ Review by Russell King, patient at Olivers Battery Dental Surgery ~



    ~ Review by DENISA, patient at Mill Lane Dental Practice ~

  • Not a very caring man

    "I saw this man and I don't have a nice thing to say about him. He calls himself a dentist I think its time he retired."

    ~ Review by Please enter a screen name., patient at Brunel Dental Centre ~

  • Long time reviewing.

    "Never had so much trust and well being of safe. During my dentist visits I have never learnt so much as during the time That I visited my dentist. Although I have left ADP (My De..."

    ~ Review by Mbrian, patient at Mydentist ~

  • Restores one's faith in dentists if you've had unsatisfactory experiences with private and/or NHS

    "Exceptionally professional, courteous, slick and efficient. Consultations and procedures are smooth, informative, reassuring and fuss free. Highly recommend."

    ~ Review by Please enter a screen name., patient at The Ivy Dental Practice ~

  • This is an amazing Dentist!!

    "Went to get some treatment done and felt so relaxed with Dr Sheikh, she has such a calm and positive manner. She is friendly and knows exactly what she is doing, I've never felt so..."

    ~ Review by A Sheikh, patient at Kent Dental Spa ~

  • Cutting corners

    "This dentist said my tooth had to be removed and nothing could be done for it. I told my partner and he confessed she had said the same for one of his teeth, hence he went back to ..."

    ~ Review by Kaorisan, patient at My dentist Idh Macclesfield ~

  • Don't go anywhere else!

    "I came to Lytham Dental Practice after a series of problems at my NHS dentist. From the moment I called to enquire to my treatment being finished, I cannot fault the service and ca..."

    ~ Review by Anna, patient at The Lytham Dental Clinic ~

  • New crown

    "I visited Vasileios in Southdown practice a few weeks ago. The problem was that I had old crowns on my front teeth, more than 20 years old that looked bad when smiling. Vas gave me..."

    ~ Review by X. C., patient at Southdown Dental Practice ~

  • best dentist

    "I have been a patient of Dr Ferris ( Mark) for many years and he is the best dentist I have ever had. Quiet,helpful and always ready to give advice. I have no complaints about the..."

    ~ Review by Mrs Vigar, patient at Bhandal Dental Practice - Dudley ~

  • Amazing Dentist

    "Dr Ahearn had been our dentist for about 5 years & in all that time I can say that she has treated my family & I (the Moles) many many times without incident. She is very calming &..."

    ~ Review by Moley, patient at Miss N B Mustafa ~

  • Fabulous Dentist

    "Daniel is a very caring dentist who has a delightful manner about him and helps make people feel at ease. The practice is very friendly and clean and I am always greeted with a war..."

    ~ Review by Maggie Brown, patient at Bury Dental Centre ~

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