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No matter if you’re new in a town, or just haven’t had your teeth looked at for a while, you’ll realise that besides a friends recommendation, modern technologies are the easiest way to find a good dentist. WELU.co.uk will provide you with your answers to support your decission and to find as easy as possible your optimal dentist.

So, whether you are looking for a dentist to provide routine general dentistry, or something more cosmetic like tooth whitening, or even specialist services such as invisalign ‘almost invisible’ braces, Dental Implants and more WELU.co.uk can provide you with all the information you could desire about a suitable dentist in your county, town or local area.

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WELU.co.uk has thousands of independent reviews by dental patients. Every dental patient review is verified before it is posted on WELU.co.uk, and numerous checks are in place to ensure the reviews are honest, so you can rely on the advice they provide.

By using WELU.co.uk we offer you a excellent service with appointment coordination and time savings, actual information, welcome package, vouchers that make your visit more attractive. For more information see Voucher Page.

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How can I use WELU to find dentists near me?

WELU is the UK’s biggest databases of dental professionals. Our dental directory is the home to over 20,000+ dental professionals from over 3000 locations across the country. From Manchester to London to Birmingham, if you find yourself asking “Where are dentists near me?” WELU is the place you need.

WELU has the biggest collection of dental professionals in the UK, so if you want to find a dentist that is specialised in what you are in need of, WELU is the place to look. We make sure you know everything about the dentist before you contact them. We provide reviews of the professional to help you make your decision, contact details, specializations, address and GDC Number.

What are the different areas of dentistry listed on WELU?

If you are trying to find a dentist it is important to know what type of dentist you are specifically looking for. At WELU we have sorted the areas of the dental profession into many categories, including fields like orthodontics, periodontics and paediatric dentistry.

There are many different reasons to why you may need a specialist dentist. You maybe looking to get the alignment of your teeth improved, you may be trying to find a dentist for your child or someone in your care, you may even be looking to find a dentist who can perform teeth whitening services, among other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our new dental directory now provides you the opportunity to find and contact over 20,000+ dental professionals from over 4000+ clinics in the United Kingdom.